The Driver CPC

What is the Driver Certificate of Professional Competence?

As of September 10th 2009, a new scheme was launched that affects both new and existing LGV Drivers. The Driver CPC is for LGV (Large Goods Vehicles) who drive professionally in the UK.
It has been developed to help improve the knowledge and skills of professional drivers, and to ensure periodic training.

There are two key areas to the Driver CPC:

1. Driver CPC Initial Qualification (For new LGV Drivers)

From the 10th September 2009, all new LGV Drivers acquiring an LGV vocational entitlement (C1, C1+E, C, C+E) must obtain this qualification in addition to their vocational licence, before being able to drive professionally. The CPC consists of the following modules:

Part One - Theory test (multiple choice and hazard perception)
Part Two- Case studies
Part Three - Licence acquisition (practical test of driving ability)
Part Four - Driver CPC practical test (vehicle safety demonstration)
To get the full Driver CPC qualification, you will need to pass all four parts. If you want to get a vocational licence, but will not be driving for a living, you will only need to take and pass part one and part three.

After you have passed all four modules of the Driver CPC Initial Qqualification, you will be entitled to a Driver Qualification Card (DQC). This proves that you hold the Driver CPC.

A Driver CPC is valid for five years. To keep your Driver CPC after that, you will need to complete 35 hours of training by the end of each five-year period.

2. Driver CPC Periodic Training (For current & prospective LGV Drivers)

Existing drivers who already hold an LGV licence before 10th September 2009 are exempt from the Initial Driver CPC, also known as "acquired rights". Both new and exisiting drivers must complete Driver CPC Periodic Training if they wish to continue driving professionally.

From the 10th September 2009, all professional LGV drivers must undertake 35 hours of training within 5 years. Exisiting LGV drivers with 'acquired rights' will have to complete their periodic training by September 2014. There are already training companies offering periodic training.

We now offer Driver CPC Training - contact us for more details.

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